MENDELSSOHN Felix (1809-1847)

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MENDELSSOHN Felix (1809-1847)

L.A.S. "Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy", Leipzig 20 June 1846, to Herr and Frau Ignaz SEYDLITZ and Frau VERKENIUS (in Cologne); 1 page and a half in-4 (mounted on tabs in a blue paper box); in German
Beautiful affectionate letter to his friends in Cologne.
[Mendelssohn has just returned to Leipzig from Cologne, where his cantata Festgesang an die Künstler op. 68, based on a poem by Schiller, was premiered at the first Deutsch-Vlaemisches
Sängerfest choral festival. One of the main promoters of musical life in Cologne, especially for choral groups, was his friend Erich Heinrich
VERKENIUS (1776-1841), magistrate, music lover and patron of the arts, who died in 1841, whose son-in-law, the banker Ignaz Seydlitz, continued the work of patronage, inviting and welcoming Mendelssohn to his home on the
Lieber Herr Seydlitz und liebe Frau Verkenius
Denn eigentlich möchte ich den Brief an Sie alle drei richten - ich bin nun glücklich wieder hier angekommen und habe alle die Meinigen Gottlob sehr wohl und munter angetroffen. I would like to thank you for the fact that you have been able to take advantage of Malzbüchel No 4 and that you have been able to take advantage of Dank and Nimmer-Vergessen - it was a good thing that you were able to take advantage of the time, that you were able to see the eyes of the people, and that you were not able to get rid of the miner's eyes and the inner life of the people. If we are free to do this, then we will, if we have a good reason to do so in the short time we have had, and if we have a good reason to use the
spray-painting and spraying technique, then we will be able to do so. fortdauernde, unveränderte Freundschaft vor allem auf der Welt das schönste, liebste, beste ist und bleibt, und da? I would like to thank you for your support in the Tagus and for the festival you are hosting. I think that Ihnen gern meinen Dank sagen! This is a very good example of the kind of study that is n
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