BELLINI Vincenzo (1801-1835)

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BELLINI Vincenzo (1801-1835)

L.A.S. "Vo Bellini", Firenze 26 May 1832, to the publisher Giovanni RICORDI, Milan; 2 and a half pages in-8, address with broken red wax stamp (small hole by broken stamp, without loss of text, tabs on the back, small slot in a corner at the last page); in Italian.
About La Sonnambula, opera premiered on March 6, 1831 at the Teatro Carcano in Milan.
Ricordi cannot imagine the impression his letter of 21 March 1831 makes after his letter of 19 March 1831: Bellini had already expressed his firm intention not to sell the score of La Sonnambula to BARBAJA [impresario, administrator of the Royal Theatres of Naples] for less than
Ricordi had sold it to Palermo, the starting price they had set in case of risk. He does not understand how one can ask 800 francs from a second-class theatre and then give it to the San Carlo theatre for half of it; it would be a cruel affront to Palermo, which could forbid this transfer.... He repeats that the only valid contract for him is the one signed with the Carcano Theatre, which he will never agree to sign under any other conditions, and that to legally assign the score requires the signature of all three parties, and he will never agree to it; he is concerned about his honour ("il moi onore m'è piu a cuore")... Etc.
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