CALDER Alexander (1898-1976)

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CALDER Alexander (1898-1976)

L.A.S. "Sandy", February 4, 1957, to Arnold RÜDLINGER, director of the Kunsthalle Basel; 2 pages in-4; in English.
He could not go to Basel, because he promised Louisa and the Tamayos to go to
Mexico in April (and the end of March). But he will send
Noldi clear diagrams of everything... Klaus
Perls wants to visit him; he is his merchant in New York... Besides, Calder has the big thing to do for the Idlewild airport: 46 feet long (15 m), and that's a job...
In postscript, suggestion that Noldi or the
Kunsthalle authorizes W.S. Budworth & Son to pack and ship the items...
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