BOURDELLE Émile-Antoine (1861-1929)

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BOURDELLE Émile-Antoine (1861-1929)

L.A.S. "Bourdelle" and "Émile Bourdelle" and an L.A., 1900 and n.d., to his friend and patron,
Jean de MARIGNY; 6 pages in-8, 10 pages in-12 on green paper, and 5 and a half small pages in-12 folded.
Very beautiful correspondence about his art and his workshop.
March 15, 1900. On his enlarged workshop, where they were up to eight to work: "The dream of my thought seems to want to be accomplished; I ran, I wanted, we built, I subjugated
RODIN and we have the Rodin Desbois Bourdelle sculpture
workshops. About thirty students are already there, all nations meet there and for more than a month I am still the only teacher. - I have made a large theatre fronton at the Musée Grévin, for the stage, and I am preparing important consignments of applied arts (sculpture) for the exhibition".
He mentions some of his students... "I have the vision of a huge school tomorrow whose branches will spread all over the world.
Ah! if there are men there, that is to say, souls, what a blossoming I expect. It is because I have travelled such a path you see! and I have seen so well my lost years for lack of serious tradition and the little love of beauty of the teachers, all of them shopkeepers! that I know the need for a sincere teaching"... "Behold, perhaps I shall be able to show this heaven that we see from our earth my speck of dust as a proportion, more as a span of human soul.
Perhaps the Municipal Council of the city of Paris will deliver the soul of this man who is your friend Bourdelle a voucher allowing for more or less a thousand francs to build a column or a palace at his thought.
Let it be only that, and I will be able to protest against the enslavement of art consciences! It has always been a matter of urgency that an ink, that a builder's hand, that a penetrating eye, should write, erect or show above the rake eaters the foods taken from the eternal rays of God". Etc.
"An idea was brought to me perhaps by someone, perhaps by th
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