François POMPON (1855-1933)

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François POMPON (1855-1933)

Lièvre assis, 1927
Bronze with brown patina, signed and stamped Valsuani Cire perdue

H: 21 cm - 8 1/4 in.
Un certificat de Liliane Colas, daté de juin 2020, sera remis à l'acquéreur.

C. Chevillot, L. Colas, A. Pingeot, François Pompon, 1855-1933, Gallimard - Réunion des musées Nationaux, Paris, 1994, p. 208 n°111. (pour le plâtre et une autre fonte)

The work that we present to you today is not only of unequalled virtuosity in technique but also shows an extraordinary obser­vational eye. The sculptor succeeds with accuracy in restoring the full appearance of life to this hare thanks to a perfect bal­ance of forms.
Particularly unusual, the treatment of this sculpture shows a turning point after 1922 in the sculptor's aesthetic research. He continues to play with the reflections of light, he does not smooth his wax casting but continues to play with the asymmetry of his models. The hare's ears or shoulders are not at the same height which allows the artist to infuse life and movement into the animal sculpture. The double patina, black with golden highlights, also allows him to capture the light.
This is a new work, perhaps an attempt, a sketch, this hare exists only in very few copies, only one other is known, now pre­served in the museum of Dijon. The artist was then in a new state of mind and fixed his creative work in bronze, it is even possible to see a fingerprint on the back of the animal.
While between the years 1900 and 1914 cubist deconstruction was omnipresent, Pompon managed to find an alternative. He unveils a very particular approach to volume and is part of a classical tradition of sculpture. His successors, such as Hans Arp and Constantin Brancusi, will find real inspiration in him and in his new vision of sculpture.
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