MAI trung THU (1906-1980)

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MAI trung THU (1906-1980)
Joie de vivre II, 1963 Ink and color on silk, signed an dated lower left. In its original frame made by the artist 13 3/4 x 37 3/8 in. L’attestation rédigée par Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes indiquant une insertion au catalogue raisonné de l’oeuvre de l’artiste qu’elle prépare actuellement sera remise à l’acquéreur PROVENANCE Collection privée, Paris (acquis auprès de l’artiste et conservé depuis) The work shown here is highly appealing for its liveliness and the multitude of characters it portrays. Many of Mai Thu’s compositions feature a very small number of characters in a refined setting. Here, with characteristic precision, he depicts a swarm of children in a variety of spontaneous attitudes – running around, picking flowers, playing marbles – with a wealth of different expressions. Some of them, with more passive attitudes intimating that they are happier chatting or daydreaming, are relaxing on the stairs. The rhythmic depiction of colours and forms and the treatment of space and movement give this scene a unique character. The painter’s confident line brings out the subtle nuances of the composition’s lively, shimmering palette. Joie de vivre II was originally part of a triptych that can be seen in the photograph in the appendix (#1), where the artist poses in front of this large scene, divided into three parts because of its size, with the entire work contained in a single frame. The work we are presenting was the left-hand section of this long triptych. However, it was eventually broken up by the artist, who then made a frame for each part. As the right-hand section of the triptych was recently sold elsewhere in 2014 (#2), I hope that the work here will join the latter in the collection concerned, and I am currently looking for the central part, in the secret hope of selling it as well and thus reuniting the three sections. I am therefore at its current owner
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