KOLLWITZ KÄTHE (1867-1945)

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KOLLWITZ KÄTHE (1867-1945)
13 L.A.S. and one L.S. ("Kate Kollwitz" or "K. Kollwitz" for the most part), Berlin 1929-1940, to Opanas SHEVCHUKEVICH (or Schewtschukewitsch); 17 pages various formats, including 8 correspondence cards (slight 2-letter defects), envelopes and addresses; in German. Nice correspondence to a doctor and sculptor friend. Opanas SCHEWTSCHUKEWITSCH (1902-1974), a Ukrainian doctor and sculptor, has just completed his doctorate when this correspondence begins; he should be looking for an internship, but he feels called by art, and Käthe Kollwitz will be his mentor. She also often writes and signs on behalf of her husband, Karl Kollwitz, who worked as a cash register doctor in northern Berlin. The young Opanas Shevchukevich is therefore medically and artistically linked to the Kollwitz couple, as he now wants to devote himself exclusively to art. Käthe Kollwitz will support him artistically, encourage him to work, criticize his work; she uses his name for him, to organize an exhibition and to obtain citizenship; financially, however, she cannot help him as much as she would like. The correspondence ends a few months before Dr. Karl Kollwitz's death. In 1928, for the first time, with the help of Käthe Kollwitz, an exhibition of Opanas Shevchukevich's sculptures was organised in Berlin; a portrait of the sculptor at work, drawn by Käthe Kollwitz, was also on display (the announcement card of the exhibition was attached, and a postcard with reproduction of the portrait). All letters and cards were sent from Berlin to the various homes in Shevchukevich (Freiburg in Brisgau, Berlin, Passau, and Cernauti (then in Romania). January 5, 1929. She congratulates him on graduating from the exam, and encourages him to do his doctorate. She's ready to help him. She complains of a mild flu. February 18. She and her husband congratulate Opanas for putting everything behind him. He needs to take care of his internship as a practitioner. He should have sho
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