ANNE D'AUTRICHE (1602-1666).
Reine de France, femme de Louis XIII, mère de Louis XIV.

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ANNE D'AUTRICHE (1602-1666).
Reine de France, femme de Louis XIII, mère de Louis XIV.

L.A.S. "Anne", Paris 16 May 1650, to the Marquis de La FOrCe; 2 pages and a quarter in-4, address (engraved portrait attached).
Nice letter from the Fronde on the capture of Sainte-Foy and Bergerac by the Duke of Epernon.
"The king, my son, despatching this gentleman to my cousin the Mareschal your father and to you I kiss this occasion with pleasure to give you a new and very cordial assurance of my affection, and especially to testify to you the displeasure that I have of the scary one who arrived from the sending of some troops to
Ste Foy and Bergerac, that my brother-in-law the Duke of ESPernOn was obliged to let them in promptly, to prevent the Duke of BOuiLLOn from seizing them as he had intended. I am so convinced of your reliability and your zeal in the service of the king that I have no doubt that if you would welcome him as he scavoit by other advisers......, you would have advised him to do what he did for the conservation of these two places, all the more so since the conduct of the said duke has been a good paroist since it is not necessary to neglect the area for a single moment; after all I am very sure that the world. brother-in-law will always consider you as a person for whom he believes that I have a very special esteem, and that he does not want for anything in the world to have given you subject to my contentment, besides that I have always recommended to him to live well with you and to oblige you and all those in the house in all that he has right. I have again instructed the gentleman who will return this letter to go and see him on my behalf to testify to him how much I want him to use it in this way"....
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