WRIGHT WILBUR (1867-1912). Aviateur américain.

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WRIGHT WILBUR (1867-1912). Aviateur américain.
TYPSCRIPT signed « Wilbur Wright », L.P. Mouillard – What He Did, [circa 1912] ; 5 pages and a half, in-4 format, typed document, with the title, six typographical instructions to the printer, and five minor corrections written in an unidentified hand (pencil inscriptions ; small stains); in English.
Wilbur Wright writes about the aviation pioneers who inspired the Wright Brothers, such as Louis-Pierre Mouillard but also two pioneers of motorised aircraft construction Octave Chanute and Otto Lilienthal.
This article was written to underscore the unveiling of a monument in honour of the engineer Louis-Pierre MOUILLARD (1834-1897), whose experiments were essential for the future of aviation. This document served for the printing of the article published in Aero Club of America Bulletin in April 1912.
In this manuscript Wilbur Wright writes: “The erection at Cairo, Egypt, of a monument to L. P. Mouillard recalls attention to one of the greatest missionaries of the flying cause which the 19th century produced. Mouillard was a Frenchman who passed a large part of his life in Algeria and Egypt, where his attention was attracted by the wonderful soaring of vultures on fixed wings. His imagination was greatly excited by what he saw, and during the remainder of his life he was like a prophet crying in the wilderness, exhorting the world to repent of its unbelief in the possibility of human flight. In 1881 he published a book called, “The Empire of the air”, which is one of the most remarkable pieces of aeronautical literature that has ever been published. In his introduction he says: - If there be a domineering, tyrant thought, it is the conception that the problem of flight may be solved by man.... His observations upon the habits of vultures led him to the conclusion that flight without motors was possible to man, and this idea he presented to his readers with an enthusiasm so inspiring and convincing that his book produced results of the greatest
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