VIAN BORIS (1920-1959).

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VIAN BORIS (1920-1959).
Autograph MANUSCRIPT and corrected TYPSCRIPT, [Jazz in Paris, 1948-1949] ; 82 pages on 48 leaves in-4 or in-fol. format ; and 113 typed pages in-4 format ; in English (with the 6 first pages in French).
Complete set of the 45 episodes by Boris Vian on Jazz in Paris to be broadcast on the American radio WNEW.
There are two sets:
* the autograph manuscript with 38 parts (the first in French), sometimes offering two versions of a same sequence, many pages on letterhead of the École centrale des Arts et Manufactures, and after the Office professionnel des industries et des commerces du papier et du carton, with numerous erasures and corrections, a few drawings in the margins;
* a typscript of 43 episodes (radio shows), sometimes with alternate double versions, corrected by Vian or his American collaborator Ned Brandt.
Complete set of Vian’s writings for his radio interventions on French jazz for the New York Radio WNEW, from April 1948 to July 1949. The 45 programs prepared by Vian were recorded by the French radio station to be broadcast in the United States, but no record has been kept in the archives of Radio France or WNEW. The texts were written directly in English (only the draft of the very first program is in French), in his characteristic style.
The titles of Vian’s programs varied; first Hot Club de Paris, then Hot Music from Paris, then from the 9th progam onwards Hot Music from France. This cycle of broadcasts was to present to WNEW listeners the jazz created and recorded in France in the thirties and forties. In his commentary, Boris Vian inserts the titles of the music he plays. The texts of Vian’s programs were published under the title Jazz in Paris, presented and translated by Gilbert Pestureau (Pauvert, 1997).
To quote the beginning: “This is Boris Vian saying Bonjour from Paris and bringing you another series of French jazz sessions. Today, we will go far back in the old times with Claude Luter and his New O
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