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Signed autograph letter, signed « Eddie », On board R.M.S. « Titanic » 10 April 1912, to his sister-in-law Edith, Mrs George COLLEY; 8 pages in-8 format, vignette and letterhead of the Titanic; in English.
Rare letter written by a First class passenger of the Titanic, four days before the shipwreck.
“Your nice long letter came yesterday and had only one piece of synicism [sic] (I was going to say sarcasm) in it […] The dining room is low ceilings but full of little tables for 2, 3 + more in secluded corners. How I wish some one I liked was on board but then nice people don’t sit at tables for two unless they’re engaged or married…Our most distinguished passengers seem to be W.T.Stead, W.W. Astor, Chas M. Hays and Ed Colley…We nearly had a collusion to start with coming out of Southampton…”
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