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Signed autograph letter, signed « Ike », [London] 7 July [1944], to his wife Mamie EISENHOWER in Washington; 4 pages in-4 format, with the original envelope franked and marked, “Censored by: Dwight D. Eisenhower, General, U.S. Army,” and bearing an autograph note signed, D.E. : “George goes home, starting tomorrow morning, and I want him to carry a letter to you. I have been away for the past five days, with no chance to write. I strongly suspect you are now in Benning [Fort Benning], but if he mails this from Washington, you should have it quickly…”; in English.
Moving letter to his wife, four weeks after D-Day. Eisenhower discusses their son Johnny, fresh out of West Point and speaks of their wedding anniversary (1 July 1916). “Johnny” was Eisenhower’s only surviving son. John Eisenhower served in the European theatre during the war, under his father’s command.
“How I miss Johnny. While I was keen to see him, I didn’t know just how much I appreciated having him by my side until he was gone. He would have thoroughly enjoyed goin g with me these last few days. I left here the day after he did - and I’ve ploughed through rain and mud and seen lots and lots of troops. I’m so glad that lots of the officers around here got to see him some to talk to him a while. Almost everyone that comes in gets on my good side right away by saying ‘what a fine son’…”
“Unquestionably he [John] has given you a good picture of how we live. In some ways it is a most hum-drum existence, but since there is never a moment that doesn’t have its strain or particular problem, the time rushes by and you wonder where it has gone. While I often feel that I cannot remember the time when I was not carrying these burden, I feel, on the other hand, that it was only yesterday that we were at Ft. Myer together, and you stood by the flagpole to wave good-bye. Sometimes I miss you so much I could do anything except to act sanely. There is no one else
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