EINSTEIN ALBERT (1879-1955).

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EINSTEIN ALBERT (1879-1955).
Autograph MANUSCRIPT, signed « A. Einstein », [circa 1930?] ; 3 pages in-4 format (splitting along folds; a few small tears to margins); in German.
Important scientific manuscript. A report on the properties of alpha-, beta-, gamma- and x-radiation, with respect to their application in medicine.
A working manuscript in five numbered sections (“I...II...III...IV...V”) containing a number of autograph deletions and additions in the first section. There is a later autograph attestation of authenticity at the end dated [1952]. This note of authentication by Einstein at the end of the manuscript indicates that this untitled report originated in answer to a series of questions from the medical fraternity (“von medizinischer Seite”), but from whom and when exactly he was no longer able to recall. It seems likely, to judge from the paper and handwriting, that this report was written sometime during Einstein’s Berlin years (1914- 1932), possibly towards the end of that period.
Einstein considers the different absorption properties of [alpha]- and [beta]-rays as compared with [gamma]- and x-rays, and summarizes the physical results of the various forms of radiation; the relatively weak penetration-capacity of [alpha]-radiation is assessed in the following section; in the third part of the report, Einstein expatiates on the duration of the radiation process, noting that in the case of cancer cells a longer period of radiation might be efficacious, modestly adding that he is not in a position to judge whether this true, and advising that further empirical work be done; in the fourth section, Einstein considers the effectiveness of specially constructed, thinwalled, ionisation chambers for the proposes of radiation, but notes that his remarks here are ‘very uncertain’ (“sehr unsicher”), given that he is unacquainted with the experimental work in this area; in the fifth and final section of the report, he remarks on the likely effect of secondar
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