EDISON THOMAS (1947-1931).

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EDISON THOMAS (1947-1931).
Six DRAWINGS with autograph NOTES (3 signed « TAE »), March 1886 ; 6 leaves in-8 format, and 1 leaf in-12, pencil on ruled paper, placed under see through MILAR in a fitted green morocco case; also in the fitted case a specimen of an see-through original light-bulb by Edison.
Extraordinary collection of drawings witnessing Edison’s goal to improve the use and efficiency of the electric light-bulb in March 1886. The drawings and autograph notes are here fittingly associated with an original incandescent light-bulb with its original bamboo filament.
World competition to develop the electric arc and dynamo was, to say the least, intense towards the end of the 1870s. Europe was clearly in advance over America. In September 1878, little after the invention of the phonograph, Edison announced that he wanted to invent a low-cost system of electrical lighting that could substitute gasinduced lighting. He worked fourteen months on this project in order to develop a satisfactory incandescence using material found in nature, and experimented with approximately 6000 specimens of plants. He announced in December 1879 the invention of the incandescent light-bulb. In 1880, Edison experimented with an electrical light-bulb that could be affordable, sending his assistant to China and Japan to find the best specimens of bamboo. A filament made of Japanese bamboo was perfected a bit later in the year 1880.
Sold with a light-bulb made towards the end of 1880 or beginning of 1881 (height 21 cm). It boasts a bamboo filament and a base made of wood with a light-bulb shaped like a pear. It is a fine example of one of the first commercially affordable light-bulbs.
During the 1880s, Edison pursued his research on light-bulbs and sought to find ways of bettering the invention. The drawings and notes in this collection are all dated March 1886 and relate to his endeavour.
11 March 1886. Drawing, signed and annotated. Sketch of an electrical light-bulb and its « va
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